iPaq 210

Selling my lightly used iPaq 210. It was a great device, one of the best PDA's made. Synced with Outlook, as one would expect, so I always had my needed info at my fingertips.

I also loved it as a "pseudo video iPad" for watching movies on airplanes on it's bright BIG screen and it had my entire music collection for either in the car hooked up to the stereo or again on a plane with headphones. It could do 6-8 hours of movies, which was great, and much longer than that for audio (never really topped that out). The audio was exceptional, the best of any pocket audio device I've owned and more customizable than most devices.

With it's two memory slots I could put more movies than I could watch on it on any one trip plus my entire music collection. (I had both a 32 GB card and an 8 GB card, neither for sale with the unit)

If you want a smartphone for all the internet and apps, but don't want to pay for the 3G/4G service, this is the device for you.

As a final bonus, you'll get my personally made carrying case. I hated how bulky so many protective cases were, so I made my own with protective 1/8" polycarbonate plastic to protect the screen and a fake-leather/cloth covering for the rest. Ultra thin and protected it well.

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