In our house we have a big nook that used to have a desk and some cabinets. It was a massive under-use of the space. All along I had envisioned it as a set of floor to ceiling bookshelves in a 'U' shape. However, 5 years after buying the wood to do the project and not yet having started, it seemed more appropriate to having some cabinets at the bottom of the bookshelves when I finally got started. Over time we had accumulated a bunch of stuff and our house needed more storage and we didn't have enough books to justify that space, or so we thought.

143 days after starting on May 23rd, the bookshelves were finally finished on October 12th. It turns out it was a TON more work to build it with cabinets because the cabinets were deeper than the shelves and it created some troublesome 45 degree angles at the corners of the 'U'. While it would have taken a lot less time if I hadn't been building desks at the same time, it also would have been done a lot sooner had they been floor to ceiling bookshelves without the extra complexity. To add insult to injury, it turns out we do have enough books to mostly fill the shelves I made and I'll likely be looking to add more bookselves in another spot down the road.

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