The Great Unveiling of the Bear Territory blog

What better way to celebrate a wonderful Big Game victory than with a monumental announcement of the creation of a new blog!

OK, maybe that’s an overstatement. After getting the little bit of polling info from my readers about the need for two blogs, I decided that it would be worth if it I could have a separate Cal blog, but also have a for everything, including Cal stuff, blog. For the last week or so I’ve been playing with how to do that with the blog software I have. I’ve managed to do that by mucking with the code on my server so that if you go to instead of to www… then you’ll get the limited to Cal stuff blog (I force to the sports category and change the styles to match a new style sheet).

So go check out my “new” blog Bear Territory, Anyone who was at the Big Game this year will know where I got the inspiration for the name…

Although I changed the color scheme to be a True Blue blog, much of the look and feel and some of the quirks of it not REALLY being its own blog are not yet cleaned up, but it’s a start. Expect to see improvements in the future.

If you link to my blog as a Cal blog, please change your link to the new location:

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