Updated metrics for Pac-10 games

After that wonderful Big Game, I get to come back to the joy of having mostly picked the winners of rivalry weekend. I was 3 out of 4 with the only game I got wrong being WaZoo vs. Washington. I would have been right if Washington had been able to do what every other Pac-10 team has been able to do: shut down WaZoo in the 4th quarter. For the first time WaZoo was actually able to come back. Such a shame…

For the rest of the games I called them about right. Sure, Oregon blew out OSU by a much bigger margin than I expected, but I still called the easy game. I also called the easy Big Game and called that the Fresno St., USC game would be a high scoring affair (although I undershot a little on just how much Fresno could score). So while from a metrics perspective it wasn’t incredible, overall it was a pretty good week.

Here are the updated metrics:
-Winning percentage: 70.5% (up from 70.2% last week)
-MVD: 14.7 (up (that’s bad) from 14.6 last week with additions of 9, 31, 12 and 8 )
-TPD: 15.3 (down (that’s good) from 15.5 last week with additions of 11, 19, 16 and 4)

Tune in on Wednesday for my prediction for the two games this week:
-Arizona at ASU
-Notre Dame at Stanford (I’m not sure I can count high enough)

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