Pac-10 picks

Oh man, I almost forgot to post my picks! I don’t have much time but here I go:

Notre Dame 35, Stanford 13: I think Stanford will come to play in this game but will just be overwhelmed. I’m sure Weis and Co. are dutifully watching the Cal game footage to see how they can break the 9 sack mark we set.

Arizona 24, ASU 28: I am REALLY having a tough time figuring this one out. Which Arizona team is going to come to play? The one that killed UCLA or the one that bent over for Washington? My guess is that Washington was a post upset anomily and Arizona will come with their ‘A’ game. But will that be enough? The big question mark is whether ASU’s defense will come to play. They held the high flying WaZoo to 24 but gave up 45 to Stanford! My guess is that their ‘B+’ defense will come to play and that will be enough to win this tight game because Arizona’s offense will sputter too much and ASU will be able to put up just enough points to take home… the… um… er… sand? What the heck do they play for in their rivalry game? What’s the game even called? The cactus fight?

OK, enough for good fun. I might be flying through pheonix someday and don’t want to be blacklisted/put on the cavity search list for airport security like my brother is for talking smack about Pheonix while in the Pheonix airport.

Tune in Monday for updated metrics and an update on the likely bowl scenarios.

UPDATE: I just found out what they play for in the Arizona vs ASU rivalry game. Oh man this is great: the TERRITORIAL Cup. HA! HA! HA! I can’t make this stuff up.

One Response to “Pac-10 picks”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    the territorial cup? Geez wiz, it’s still a better name than the Civil War lol.