Updated metrics for Pac-10 games

Sorry for the delay on this, it has been a busy week:

Well, I got both games right this week, although I SERIOUSLY underestimated Stanford’s ability to score. Why is it that they can’t score 10 points agianst Cal in two years but can put up 31 against Notre Dame. Cal must be better than ND…

Here are the updated metrics:
-Winning percentage: 71.6% (up from 70.5% last week)
-MVD: 14.4 (down (that’s good) from 14.7 last week with additions of 0 and 15 )
-TPD: 15.2 (down (that’s good) from 15.3 last week with additions of 8 and 21)

And seeing how there is only one Pac-10 game this week, I might as well do that prediction now:

UCLA 24, USC 38: UCLA will keep this game just interesting enough to merit a watching but USC will control the game from start to end by effectively running the ball with Reggie Bush and the precision passing by Leinart. There’s an outside chance that UCLA will get too desperate too early and turnovers will turn the game into a USC blowout before half time, but I think there will be just enough intensity on the UCLA sideline to keep the game respectible.

Tune in next week for the final regular season metrics (I’ll do metrics for the bowl games as well) and for an update on whether Cal ends up at the Sun Bowl with Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl or in the Las Vegas bowl because the Pac-10 got the BCS shaft yet again.

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