In memory of Louise Rosequist

Louise Rosequist died last Monday. She was the mother of one of my best friends growing up, Andy. She was one of the neighborhood moms, and because of the trust my mother put in her, had the same authority as my mom did, from my perspective. Her words and admonitions (and what young boy doesn’t get thousands of admonitions?) carried the same weight as my own mother’s. My mom’s trust in her was not mistaken either as she was a wonderful woman and mother. Frankly spoken, she was always my favorite neighborhood mom because she treated me as maturely as I was willing to behave and always seemed to speak words of wisdom, integrity and compassion. She had a composure and collectedness that, despite all of our antics as children, rarely was ever cracked. Finally, while most parents seem to play favorites, you always got the feeling from her that she cared for us all and treated us all fairly.

She died fighting a 15 year battle with cancer, a battle she fought vigorously so that she could watch her children grow into mature adults. A fight she won as she lived to be able to see her first two grandchildren born in the last couple years.

May God forgive her sins, grant her peace and bring her into His heavenly presence.

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