I bought a new sailboat

A week ago I bought a new sailboat. It’s called an International Canoe (or IC for short). It’s called that because it is very narrow, like a canoe. But it also has a bunch of sail area, about 110 square feet. To make up for that, they added a hiking board so that the sailor can sit out on it to balance the boat. On the right, you’ll see a picture of me sailing it Saturday in Sacramento just before the storm came in on Saturday night. The hiking board is that big long board sticking out the side of the boat. There wasn’t enough wind to justify sitting out there on Saturday.

5 Responses to “I bought a new sailboat”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    Gee Ken, why’s your boat called Fran?

    I think I should call my sister in law about this injustice…

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Yeah, she thought the name was ridiculous too. Fran is a guy, if that helps you at all. You can’t read it in the picture, but the under-text is “The Singing Wombat”.

    So the name is going to change…

    Any suggestions? I was thinking “BEARing down” with a Blue and Gold theme…

  3. Ken's Brother Says:

    hmmm, I think it should be something hilarious like “Not Fran’s”

    How about “Slowboat”?

    Or, “She got a Grand Piano” …

    Possibly “Waterworld Sucked” …

    Maybe something topical? Like “the Kings Suck”

    Oh I’ve got it. Wendy’ll get my back on this.

    “Way to Go Holmoe!”

  4. Ken Crawford Says:

    YES!!! I can just see the picture now: me capsized with carnage everywhere and that name sticking up in the air:

    way to go

    See, I knew asking you was the right way to go.

    Now I just need to develop the graphic…

    (BTW, “She got a Grand Piano” wasn’t bad either, but a little tasteless.)

  5. Ken's Brother Says:

    well “She got a Grand Piano” coulda been parred down to “She got a Piano” … but I’m glad you’re going with “Way to go Holmoe” …

    Now if only we could get into horse racing, we could hear “and they’re coming round the bend, it’s Munch’N’Kitten in the lead, followed by Joseph’s Promise (insert 4-5 other generic racing names) and falling further and further behind it’s Way to go Holmoe”