Change in comment policies

Well, the blog spammers are back.  I’ve gotten 40 comment spams overnight.  Of course, all they’re interested in is getting their google ranking raised by having lots of links and http references to their sites.  So, the easiest way to slow them down is to moderate any comments with a link or the word ‘http’ in it.

So if you comment on a post and it gets moderated, don’t take offense, I’ll make sure it gets posted the next time I get to my inbox.

I may look into the whole “verification field” deal so that I don’t have to moderate in the near future.  If I do that, you’ll have to type a different and funky piece of text in with each comment to ensure you’re actually a real poster as opposed to an automated blog-spammer bot.

The joys of the Internet…

3 Responses to “Change in comment policies”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    That’s terrible Ken. And to think that if I were to post something with h t t p in it, people will have to wait weeks to see if you’ve gotten a comment … or not.

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Boy Brian, you were more right than you knew. Your comment got lost in the 400 spams I had to moderate until I went through the list today.

  3. seth Says:

    well the season is almost upon us. the spammers will be out in force. don’t worry we know the difference….