Booya! Longshore to start!

Well, Tedford finally put an end to the charade we all knew it was.  Longshore is going to get the start at Tennessee over Ayoob.  Tedford says that Ayoob will probably play “as the flow of the game” warrants.  Which to me means “If Longshore sucks it up, I’ll put in Ayoob.”

I’m hopeful we won’t have to worry about that.  Longshore impressed me in the 1/2 game he played last year and although I think he’ll have trouble if the pocket doesn’t hold up, I have faith that Tedford will be have a game-plan that avoids lots of drop-back situations.  I expect to see a similar game-plan to BYU: Lot’s of wide-reciever screens, slant passes, quick come-backers and of course, a Lynch’ing ground game.

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