Quarterback update

Well it’s official: Tedford is going to stick with Longshore for next week and will likely give Ayoob time late in the game, similar to Tennessee.

I think this is a good decision, although I’d like to see Levy replace Ayoob as the backup, although I guess it is reasonable to give Ayoob one more week.

My feeling, as I expressed in my Tenn. game review, is that Longshore is just young and at least has the potential to grow into a good solid QB.  Tennessee is a TOUGH place to start that growth process (and let’s not kid ourselves that last year’s 3/8ths of a game vs Sac. St. counts for anything).  I’m hopeful that he’ll do a lot better this week.

Ayoob on the other hand has gone through that growth process and isn’t going to improve dramatically at this point.  I was willing to believe that he could have made a dramatic improvement over the off-season.  I’ve seen it before, a weak QB figures it out once he has time to reflect on his mistakes.  But not Ayoob, not after Tennessee.  He was the same old Ayoob and I don’t think he’s improved any.

Which brings us to Levy.  Levy is our safe guy, he’s already proved it.  Safe however is not going to get us to the Rose Bowl.  So we have to look elsewhere until we have nothing better.  Elsewhere for right now is Longshore.

Taking a worst case scenario (both Longshore and Ayoob stink it up indefinitely), I suspect that Tedford will insert Levy into the mix after Minnesota.  Likely he gives Longshore one more start to get his act in gear vs. Portland St. but Levy will be up to taking snaps in practice over Ayoob and will mop up for Longshore.  If Longshore doesn’t turn the corner by then, Levy will get the start by the ASU game.

That’s what I’d do… and I’m betting that’s about what Tedford will do if we have to go down that road.  But here’s to hoping that Longshore is just young.  I’m pretty hopeful that by the time we meet ASU, he’ll be confident and in control.

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