A Bears game through the eyes of a 3 year old

As most of my readers know, I take my two children (both boys 3 and 1 1/2) to the Bears games.  Some people think it must be really difficult but it’s really not.  There is so much excitement for them.  Other than occasionally having to get up to let them walk around, they’re no bother at all.

In fact, it’s a great joy to take them.  Everything is SO big to them.  Those steps inside the stadium up to the stands are their personal Mount Everest.  Plus, the public transportation that is a big hassle for you and I are the thrill of their trip (we had been in the stadium for less that a half hour when the older one was already asking for another bus ride… and don’t get me started about the potential BART rides).

Then, everything comes alive for them once the bands start to play.  They love the music and jump and clap their hands.  The whole experience is a big party to them.

Is it a bit long?  Yeah, it is.  Sitting there for 3+ hours is tough on them.  But if you take the time to walk them around (I highly recommend going up and down the stairs: you can catch a glimpse of the game while they get a vigorous workout) and to bounce them on your knee and hold them up high when there is a big play… all of these things make the game a joy to them.

So: bring your kids if you’ve got ‘em.  It doesn’t matter if they’re 3 months old or 30 years old, going to the Bears games is a great joy.

3 Responses to “A Bears game through the eyes of a 3 year old”

  1. seth Says:

    hey ken, thanks for the coupons. i do have a question though, do u have to buy tickets for the kids too? i bet u do…


  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    No problem Seth. I hope it’s a game we can all enjoy. Now just make sure you don’t abuse the trust I put in you that you’re a changed man.

    As for the kids, yes, tickets are required for kids over a year old. However, I’ve found that you can get them through the gate without a ticket (I’ve kept their ticket in my pocket as an experiment a few times) as long as they’re young enough that you’re carrying them in your arms (so up to about 2 – 2 1/2 or so).

    However, once in the stadium, you’re going to want the space provided by purchasing them a ticket, even if they’re under a year old (heck ESPECIALLY if they’re that young). We all know how cramped those bench seats are and the kids need a little extra room to move around, even when they are on your lap.

    I recommend having adults on either side of the seats for the kids to “seal the line”. I’m sure everyone has experienced how empty seats disappear during a game as people make use of the space around them. Well, kids are effectively “empty seats”. You need to physically block off their space by putting them in between you. Since our seats are on the edge, it’s my brother’s job to sit in seat 3 which makes room for the boys in seats 1 & 2 without others encroaching on our space. My wife and I generally sit behind the boys (it’s easier to provide kids food and comfort from behind than in front). Although, now that I think about it, while that’s the official plan for where we sit, we often move around and switch seats. We just make sure that an adult is in the edge seat to “seal the line” at all times.

  3. seth Says:

    ken, thank you again for placing trust in me as a changed man. i think i may have upset jason with some inappropriate comments, but that was an accident, i am sorry. anyway, cool, i bet your kids are going to grow up and love cal like we do! that is great, that is very special…