Final and most important post from yesterday’s Cal game

There is nothing more important in sports than sportsmanship and the safety of the players.  That’s why I completely agree with Idiots Who Write About Sports that #4 for ASU, Jason Tyron is the worst football player on earth.  All of the above should happen:

  1. The Pac-10 should apologize for the ref not throwing #4 out.
  2. The Pac-10 should suspend #4 for a game.
  3. ASU coach Koetter should apologize for not sitting #4 for AT LEAST a series as opposed to putting him in the next play.
  4. Tyron should apologize himself for the cheap shot.

3 Responses to “Final and most important post from yesterday’s Cal game”

  1. seth Says:

    i am insane with anger! that number 4 needs a two game suspension. i have tom hansens (pac 10 czars number) i will give it to any who wish to bombard him with angry messages as i have all ready! i am debating to publish it on my blog, what do u think ken? am i going overboard here?

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Whoa Seth, take deep breath. Being insane with anger only leads to bad decisions.

    As for whether to publish his number, it depends what you mean by “his number”. If you mean his official Pac-10 office number (or equivalent official number), then yes, go ahead and publish it to ask people to POLITELY call and ask that he consider a suspension. That’s the point of official numbers, it’s the avenue where people can contact them with requests/compliments/complaints.

    However if it is a private number or God forbid his home number then NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT. It’s never the right solution to respond to in injustice with another injustice. And invading the private life of of an official is an injustice.

  3. seth Says:

    ken, ur r my blogging mentor, what would i do without you? thank you for brining me back from the brink. i am going to let it go. i mean if they want to be stupid and allow that kind of stuff in the pac 10 who am i to argue with them. go pac 10, let’s get a rep for knocking peoples heads off and being a league with no rules…