Did Cal create another Ayoob?

After Saturday’s demolishing of ASU, Cal may have created another Ayoob in ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter.  Compare and contrast these two quotes from their respective head coaches:

“We just need to get back to good fundamentals. Rudy is carrying the ball too low. When he scrambles he is dropping the ball out of his left hand. He is throwing off his back foot. He has been there before, he’ll get it back. It’s not like he’s never had fundamentals. He has picked up a couple of bad habits trying to make big plays. We just have to get back to solid mechanics. We’ll get that straight this week.”

-ASU Head Coach Dirk Koetter 9/25/2006

“Confidence and fundamentals, they both go hand-in-hand. When you start pressing – that becomes a confidence issue. He’s (Ayoob) very competitive, very tough. But we need to work harder on fundamentals to hopefully help him get his confidence back.”

-Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford 11/12/2005

As Yogi Berra would say: “It’s De Ja Vu all over again.”

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