Head to head stats now available for Pac-10

OK, the script I’ve been using to get head to head stats including opponent numbers is now successfully available as a webpage.  Check it out: Head to head stats.

For the time being I only have Pac-10 teams available because I have a bandwidth problem that prevents me from allowing all I-A teams.  I hope to resolve this problem soon.  I also hope to add the following stats over time:

  • Time of possession
  • Scores per redzone appearance
  • TD’s per redzone appearance
  • Points per redzone appearance
  • 3rd down conversion percentage
  • 4th down conversion percentage
  • Offensive points per game
  • Defensive points per game
  • Special Teams points per game (sans extra points)
  • Defensive points allowed per game
  • Points off turnovers
  • Points off special teams (sans extra points)
  • Blocked punts per game
  • Punt average
  • Field Goal percentage
  • Field Goal percentage inside of 40 yards
  • Field Goal long
  • Extra point percentage
  • 2-point conversion percentage

UPDATE… Additional ones:

  • Punts per game
  • Turnover on downs per game
  • safeties per game

Anybody have other stats they’d like to see?

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