Random thoughts on the Cal vs. UW game

One of the disadvantages of writing a column is that it doesn’t provide the opportunity for random thoughts.  You’ve got to have a story line.  Since the whole reason I started writing about the Bears was so that I had an outlet before my head exploded from internal commentary pressure syndrome, I’ll make sure I keep putting those comments here:

  • Cal ran a play about 5 times yesterday that I hope never gets used again.  It was a formation with 3 recievers close to the linemen.  The idea, at least I assume this was the idea because the play was never successfully run, was to use them as extra blockers to spring the running back around the outside.  It never worked.  All it did was get all the right defenders close to the line and in the perfect place to blow through the weak blocks of the wide recievers and drop the running back before he could even get started.
  • We shouldn’t overlook the 4 interceptions in that game.  It was the only thing that kept the game close enough for Cal to get back in it.  Just when it seemed things couldn’t get worse for Cal, they’d grab a remarkable INT and save themselves from utter self-destruction.
  • What ever happened to the trick plays?  Outside of one very successful reverse, Cal mostly has gone away from the trick plays this year.  While I think that many teams over use them, I think Cal has gone away from them too much.
  • I’m pretty sure that I should be concerned that the only Cal player to catch a ball in the endzone was Damien Hughes on his INT.
  • In the last few weeks we’ve heard various complaints from some about why Marshawn Lynch won’t just nut it up and play with his boo-boos.  I’m pretty sure this week will be the end of that.  Despite being visibly hurt and seeing some tackles force him to his knees he still came out and carried the team on his back.
  • Schneider is one awesome field goal kicker.  The 50 yarder he missed was pretty close and the one he got was straight down the center.  Plus he hasn’t missed a extra point all season and God knows he’s had plenty to miss.
  • This was a game that proved the value of winning the time of possession game.  Just when it looked like Cal was about to put the game away, all the time the defense spent on the field in the first half caught up with them allowing Washington back in the game.  I think their ability to dig deep late in the game was remarkable and really is what most deserves praise.
  • There is no question why DeSean Jackson is a wide reciever not a tight end.  On that busted half back play that Lynch turned into a wild near TD run, the reason it was a near TD run was because DeSean couldn’t fullfill his promise to Lynch to block for him.  It was down right hilarious to see Jackson vigorously waving his arms for Lynch to come his way and when he did, the defender blew right by Jackson untouched to force Lynch to cut back and get tackled before he could reach the endzone.
  • Speaking of vigorous waving, Cal’s last field goal was setup by Longshore’s inability to follow similar waving.  On third and 5 he had a lane to the first down marker and Lynch was waving that he’s block for him.  It would have been an easy first down with Lynch blocking.  Instead Longshore threw a wounded duck pass to the outside receiver that didn’t have a chance to be caught to get a first down had it been caught.
  • Back to good plays, it came as no surprise to me that when watching the review of the hail mary the only player who made an attempt at tackling the receiver after he caught the ball was Damien Hughes.  He nearly got the receiver down too and it would have ended the game right there.

That’s all the random thoughts I had for now.  Anybody else?

3 Responses to “Random thoughts on the Cal vs. UW game”

  1. Jason Says:

    I actually got all my random thoughts out this week, for once.


  2. seth Says:

    5 ints bud, not 4…

  3. Ken Crawford Says:

    Sorry, when I said “4 interceptions in that game” I should have said “4 interceptions in regulation”. That’s what I was referring to, that the 4 ints were a big part of making overtime possible.

    The 5th INT in overtime was obviously critical and deserves to be set apart in its impact on the game.