Thanks for making November my site’s best month ever

Traffic has steadily been up on this site over the year and I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who visits.

In November we had 735 unique individuals visit my site a total of 2648 times.  While we didn’t match the October record of 10836 hits (7996 in November), the visit numbers were definitely a record for me.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment anytime (that’s the only thing I’d like to see improve in my readership).  While all comments are moderated, it’s really only because I get so much comment spam (about 10 a day).  It’s very rare I will block an actual comment and I try to approve comments within a hour of when it is posted during normal waking hours.

I’m also always open to suggestions for improving the site.  Anything anybody would like to see?

4 Responses to “Thanks for making November my site’s best month ever”

  1. Matt Says:

    Here is a suggestion for a feature…you get to ask questions to the Cal coaches and players that most fans never do, so why not before every game or once a month or whatever, allow your readers to propose questions and pick the most interesting one and ask it…me and my roommate propose the first one…Why doesn’t Desean Jackson return kickoffs?

  2. Eric Says:

    Keep up the good work! I appreciate the blog, Ken. Although it’d be nice for a sneak peak at some of those premium articles you write on Rivals.

  3. Ken Crawford Says:

    Matt, I’ve had a couple posts in the past where I offered for people to submit questions and I didn’t get many responses. However, maybe it’s because I haven’t made sure to have requests frequently enough or at the right times. So here’s a plan moving forward: two days before I go to a press conference, I’ll put a quick post asking for questions. I’ll do my best to ask as many as are reasonable.

    As for DJax returning kickoffs, Tedford has spoken to it in the past, although briefly. Mostly it sounded like a “I don’t want to wear him out” answer. Also, it would seem to me that he’s not as good a candidate for that job as generally the ability to run over tacklers is more important on a kickoff than a punt return.

  4. Ken Crawford Says:

    Eric, thanks.

    I am having difficulty balancing the Rivals reporting and my blogging not so much from a time perspective but from an “intellectual property” perspective. Obviously, my Rivals paycheck comes from subscriber dollars so I don’t want to completely give away the farm for free here. What I’m hoping to do in the future is have more quotes here as well as lots of tidbit stuff, much of which will overlap with content for Rivals but at the same time will still make subscribing to Rivals a worthwhile endeavor.

    Speaking of which, the Rivals site is only $100 a year (or $10 a month if you don’t want to make the year long commitment up front). I’ve been impressed with the content submitted by others and you really get a lot of great recruiting news that you won’t get for free. Plus you get access to the content from all of the other school’s Rival sites.