Comment moderation is turned off!

I was reading in another blog about their move to requiring user accounts before one can comment.  I understand that desire, seeing as how I get 20-50 comment spam a day.  That’s why I went to moderated comments a while back.  Neither solution is ideal, but seeing as how I hate having so many different user accounts, I decided to go the way of moderated comments instead of user accounts.

But it had long been my plan to switch to the authentication string model and remove the moderation.  This has been the plan for far too long now and something always seems to be more important.  But, today the last straw broke my back.  Motivated by the bad news that yet another blog was taking action to eliminate comment spam, I FINALLY found the time to implement the comment filter.

So (triumphant music starts) from now on, no moderation!  All you have to do is answer a simple math question (something like “Please add 3 and 5″) and you’re comment will be immediately posted.  I decided to go this way instead of the “image in a string” route because sometimes those strings can be a pain to read and frankly anyone who can’t do simple math shouldn’t be posting here.

Comment away unfettered by the shackles of moderation!

One Response to “Comment moderation is turned off!”

  1. Seth Says:

    Ken I love the idea that you are going away from moderated comments. For too long it held the true potential of your blog down. I promise to behave and speak like a good little boy. However, I find the way in which you now block the spam as an undue burden on the vast innumerate population out there. Why, just to get this comment posted I had to get out the old calculator! (-: Ah, sometimes I crack myself up just a little to easily…