New Cal Blog name

OK, I’m working on a look-and-feel overhaul for the Cal Bears portion of the blog to be ready later in the spring.  I was looking for a new name and liked what “The Band Is Out On The Field” blog had done in taking their name from The Play.  So I decided to see if I could find a Starkey quote from The Play that I liked.

There were 26 different things Starkey said that could be used as a blog name (sans titles I know are in use).  I’ve limited it down to the top 5 that I think are worth considering:

(numbering based on full 26 at the bottom of the post)

  • #1. Only a miracle can save the Bears
  • #12. There were flags all over the place
  • #14. We don’t know who won the game
  • #24. Excuse me for my voice
  • #26. There will be no extra point
  • Honorable mentions for #3 (A seemingly impossible situation), #5 (The Bears problem is…),#10 (Will it count?) and #18 (We’ve heard no decision yet).

OK, here’s what you need to do to be able to vote/comment.  First you need to know the image I want to project.  I want to project a sense that I’m a Cal Bear faithful and die-hard fan who loves to shout and yell at the games.  That I’m opinionated and forceful, yet willing to entertain opposing views and that this is a place for that type of spirited discussion.

Now that you know the criteria, the next thing you need to do is block all memory of The Play from your mind and think about the titles on their own.  Pretend your a person that thinks the only team named the Bears plays in Chicago.  Pick your favorites (try to limit it to 3).

The next thing to do is bring back your Bear fan memories and visualize in your mind which of the blog titles you can remember without watching the video.  Which ones can you hear Starkey’s voice.  Finally, watch this video of The Play.  Think about the blog titles that really stick out as notable and unique.  Which ones are “classic Starkey” or “classic The Play”?

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to vote/comment.

(Note, you should probably comment before reading the rest so I don’t upset your natural thoughts)

My thoughts are varied.  #1 is great because it has that “faithful Bear” thing going for it.  The problem is that it is somewhat resigned to mediocrity.  #3 has the same problem but lacks as strong of a faith in the team.  Nevertheless both have their upsides.

It’s not at all in my real list but #5 I’m sure would get a resounding vote from my brother’s girlfriend Sarah.  She’s always harping about how I excessively use the phrase “The problem is…”.  Sorry Sarah, it’s just too negative.

#12 is great from a spirited discussion perspective.  It’s got that “everyone has something to complain about” thing going.  It’s probably also one of the more memorable statements Starkey makes during the call.  I’d say it’s my second favorite at this point.

#14 is the funniest of the bunch.  Left on it’s own, it seems like the blog is hosted by people who don’t have a clue, or want to make it seem that way.  Obviously it’s quite the opposite.  So it’s the anti-title, so to speak.  #18 is similar but has a more reporter like feel to it.  Which is kind of cool considering my part-time gig these days.  But it also has an indecisive quality that I don’t like.

#24 is my favorite at this point.  It’s a great suppliment to the other half of my blog titled “As we forgive those who tresspass against us”.  It also has the die-hard fan who blew out his vocal chords at each game thing going.  It’s got that argumentative thing going for it, but the apologetic nature communicates that others are welcome to comment.  It’s also a very notable Starkey moment as well.

#26 is worth putting up there because everyone remembers it and it has a certain gusto to it that is compelling.

What do you guys think?

Finally, here’s the full list of candidates.  Let me know if there’s one in the full list that I’m not considering that you think is appopriate (parenthesis show where there are optional extensions to the title):

  1. Only a miracle can save the Bears
  2. This is some show (I’ll tell you)
  3. (The bears are in) A seemingly impossible situation
  4. They pretty much have to run it back
  5. The Bears problem is…
  6. The Bears have to get out of bounds
  7. They’re still in deep trouble at midfield
  8. The ball is still loose
  9. He’s gone into the endzone!
  10. Will it count?
  11. The bears have scored (but the bands are out on the field)
  12. There were flags all over the place
  13. Wait and see what happens
  14. We don’t know who won the game
  15. The Bears may have made some illegal laterals
  16. It could be that it won’t count
  17. The Bears believe it or not took it all the way into the endzone
  18. We’ve heard no decision yet
  19. Everybody is milling around on the field
  20. The bears have won
  21. Oh my God!
  22. The most amazing, sensatation, dramatic, heart-rending… exciting, thrilling finish in the history of college football
  23. California has won the Big Game over Stanford
  24. Excuse me for my voice
  25. I have never, never seen anything like it in the history of any game I have seen in my life.
  26. There will be no extra point

4 Responses to “New Cal Blog name”

  1. Paul Says:

    Top three:

    1. #24
    2. #24
    3. #24

    Okay, seriously,

    1. #24
    2. #26
    3. #1 (it really has the die-hard fan feel, but from a really depressed fan)

  2. Seth Says:

    Give me a little while to look over this and I will comment. Sounds very interesting.

  3. Seth Says:

    Well the minute I saw this I knew without question what the name should be, #1. Think about it, what better describes what the Bears situation these days? Not only do they have to contend with the challenges on the field but many others. Like the City of Berkeley, who have done their best to not only doom the Bears but the University. Next we have the rich land interests, interested solely in protecting their property values. Then we have the acid crazed hippies. So, in short, “Only a miracle can save the Bears.”

  4. Eric Says: