Look and feel changes

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the page looks a little different than it did before. 

I’ve been meaning ever since I switched from the graymatter blog software to wordpress to duplicate the functionality I had that changed the look and feel of the pages to reflect the current liturgical seasons.  I finally got that work completed this weekend.  So now the blog will automatically change colors as we switch from Lent to Easter and also reflect a number of Saints and Holy days.

You’ll also notice on the right sidebar that it tells you the liturgical name for today.  Just below that is a link to another page I’ve just completed that gives you a month-view calendar so you can figure out when the various Church holidays are each year.

Next up on the blog/calendar ToDo list is to add scripture reading links for every day.  I’ve got most of the Sunday readings in digital format, so the work to be done is to get the daily readings and then parse those data files dynamically.

2 Responses to “Look and feel changes”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    Your Calendar sucks the big one Ken, nothing ever happens on my birthday through at least 2030 (I stopped caring after then).

    Make up a random sounding holiday. Like “The Honorary Festival of St Randomiticious (observed)” or something and update your calendar accordingly.

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Well, I don’t know when this might actually work out, but it is possible that Ash Wednesday be on your birthday. Most Church holidays are locked to a date, so it won’t change from year to year. But don’t despair. While there are no major holidays on your birthday, it is the saint day for St. Claude la Colombiere.