Great analysis of Tennessee game

Over on The California Golden Blogs (CGB) there has been a series of 4 posts (one, two, three, four) about last year’s Tennessee game and what was the cause of Cal’s demise.  Although I have my points of disagreement and generally think it’s trying to be too quantitative for something that requires a qualitative answer, it’s still very good analysis and worth reading.  Well done Hydrotech at CGB!

The guys over at CGB have a knack for finding something to blog about during this slow portion of the college football news.  Not to be outdone, I’ve got my blogging plan for June and July all worked out.  Here’s the teaser:

  1. Re-review of each game last season with an emphasis on what it means for this season.
  2. Coverage of the “Tree Hugger Trial” (date not yet known).
  3. Predictions for every Pac-10 game, including non-conference matchups in 2007.
  4. Improved online stat comparison tool (expansion of last years stats I provided).
  5. A Pac-10 prediction game (similar to a “pick’em” league but with more ways to compare participants).
  6. Re-design of visual layout of blog with a lot more data/info.

Make sure you keep tuning in on a regular basis!

4 Responses to “Great analysis of Tennessee game”

  1. Rishi Says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to the new content. Keep it coming!

  2. Rishi Says:

    But please change the colours. It makes it hard to browse at work.

  3. Ken Crawford Says:

    Thanks for visiting Rishi. So when you say change the colors do you mean “because it makes it too obvious it’s a Cal blog for work” or do you mean “because the yellow is bright it is burning a hole in my eyes”?

    I’m always happy to get good look and feel feedback, particularly since I’m doing an overhaul this summer.

  4. Rishi Says:

    Probably the latter. garish yellow looks good on Desean Jackson. Not so much on a website.