Excuse Me For My Voice!

Passionate readers of my blog may remember some promises I made over Memorial Day weekend on this blog regarding plans for the summer.  Always being one to make sure I deliver on my promises, let’s take a look:

  1. Re-review of each game last season with an emphasis on what it means for this season.
  2. Coverage of the “Tree Hugger Trial” (date not yet known).
  3. Predictions for every Pac-10 game, including non-conference matchups in 2007.
  4. Improved online stat comparison tool (expansion of last years stats I provided).
  5. A Pac-10 prediction game (similar to a “pick’em” league but with more ways to compare participants).
  6. Re-design of visual layout of blog with a lot more data/info.

And how did I deliver?:

  1. Done… and it was pretty good if you don’t mind me saying
  2. Well since the trial was push back it was kinda hard… but I did post on the few announcements we had over the summer including the Sept. 19th trial date.
  3. Not done yet.  But I’ve still got 3 weeks before the seasons starts.
  4. Nope.
  5. Nope.
  6. Nope.

But WAIT!  Could it be that I’ve been hiding all the work I’ve done on numbers 4 through 6?  Could it be there is a new website out there waiting for all of you to discover!?!


Yes!  It’s true.  Not only does it have my new Pick’Em league for you to sign up for, it’s got a podcast section, an in-progress stats section, a Cal archive section, a 25th Anniversary The Play T-Shirt for sale and of course a new blog.  To make it even better, I’ve teamed up with the guys from Sturdy Golden Blogs to form an awesome megablog team.  So check it out and remember that the new home of the best Cal Football blogging is:


(For those reading this from the “main” blog section (without the cal. prefix), the new Cal site will free this site up to be about Catholic and family/personal blogging… for those lamenting the infrequency of that content, this is good news for you as well.  Expect to see more focused blogging there in the next couple weeks.)

But for you Cal blogging fans, the new site is the place to be.  Don’t forget to update your bookmarks and blogrolls to point to the new site!


2 Responses to “Excuse Me For My Voice!”

  1. Ragnarok Says:

    Looking forward to it, Ken! You’re one of the best Cal bloggers out there, so more content from you is always appreciated.

    Also, I like the new layout. While I’m as big a fan of blue and gold as the next guy, this site was sometimes rather garish to look at ;).

  2. Seth Says:

    Ken, can we get a post about the Tennessee game and your thoughts? Pretty please?