Update on fasting

Well, my fast continues apace and I’ve yet to break the rules of the fast: 1 meal a day, only drink is water.

There was one day were I came close, in fact I intended to break it when I started. It was a Sunday morning and I was starving. I wasn’t supposed to eat until dinner time so I sat down to have a snack. About 1/2 way through the snack I changed my mind and made it a full meal. The only catch was that I couldn’t eat dinner now and had to wait until tomorrow to eat. I had planned to each lunch the following day and then dinner the day after that to get back on track for eating dinner, but miraculously was able to last until dinner the next day to get back on track in one day.

I’ve also been surprised this year with my ability to do activities while fasting. Usually in the past I’ve pretty much been a stump on a log while fasting for sustained periods. My attempts at playing racquetball or going sailing clearly indicated that I was fasting and I performed beyond horribly. But this time, I’ve played racquetball a number of times with success and managed to build a bunch of shelves for the study. I haven’t gone sailing, which was partly planned and partly bad weather on the scheduled sailing days.

However, it’s pretty clear by my weight loss that whenever I exert myself I’m dipping into my reserves (so to speak). When I am not active, I find myself dropping a pound every 1/2 week or so. When I am active, I’ll drop up to a pound a day.

The downside of my lenten promises is that I’ve completely abandoned the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours. For whatever reason I haven’t been very good at that this time. While I’ve got no intention at this point at picking it back up for the remainder of Lent, I do hope at some point in the future I can get into a good routine.

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