An AWESOME website

I recently found out about from Mark Shea’s blog (see blogroll) and I am amazingly impressed. I’ve asked myself for years why the Church is unable to put together well produced videos and the such that drive home the key points of the faith. CatholicsComeHome have figured it out. I’m most impressed by this video:

The Church is constantly lambasted for a ton of things that are wholy inaccurate. The Church is responsible for so much good. Hospitals, Orphanages, Universities, Scientific Study, the order of Law, these are all things that found their current form under the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the Catholic Church. So often Catholics find themselves on the defensive in these areas. It’s nice to see a video that makes it clear that the Church is a both a pioneir and a steadfast rock that can be counted on. Beyond our history, there is also the immense good that the Catholic Church does every day in this world. While the press likes to criticize the Church for not handing out condoms in Africa, the Church is instead responsible for the feeding and medical care of millions of poor in Africa and around the world every day.

I am incredibly joyed at a 1-minute video can communicate this so emphatically and positively.

They’ve got additional videos that are good too. Also lots of articles and information for those interested in returning to the Church.

As most of my readers know, I’m active in RCIA at my parish. Helping those with interest in the Church is definitely my calling. God has given me many gifts and primary amongst these that he asks me to share is my conviction for the tenets of the faith. However, after seeing surveys showing former Catholics as the largest religious group in the country next to Catholics, I ask myself if perhaps some, if not all, of my effort should be going into helping former Catholics come home.

I ask you to pray for me for guidance.

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