Quick hitters

I’m going to try and do a daily post with a bulleted list of thoughts I’ve had in the last 24 hours:

  • In CA there’s going to be a vote in November for legalizing Marijuana. On the radio this morning “Bishop Ron Allen” came on. So I tried to look up what church he was a Bishop for. I even signed up for facebook (something I’ve been avoiding) to see if his facebook page said. No dice, across the board. All I know is that he’s the president of the International Faith Based Coalition and he graduated from Trinity Bible College, which appears to be associated to the Assembly of God. I didn’t think they had Bishops though… strange.
  • Last night at RCIA there was a discussion about the latest round of pedophilia issues in the Church. Of course it’s a terrifying thing that this happened at all, but it’s just amazing to me how distorted it is. John Paul II was pretty ambivalent about doing anything outside of praying for healing and somehow he never took any heat, but now Benedict who’s been very proactive and should be considered an ally by those who want to see this rooted out is under attack. It’s just further proof that those who are advancing the agenda these days aren’t about fixing the Church, but about tearing it down. I take great comfort in the steps that have been taken in the US to prevent this problem and am optimistic that the same changes will happen in Europe too.
  • I should have my copy of “The God Delusion” by this weekend and I’ll start in with my thoughts on it shortly.

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