Another example of why I pull for Notre Dame

While there shouldn’t be any confusion where my primary college football loyalties lie, but ever since I’ve become Catholic, I’ve had a secondary affinity for Notre Dame football. Stories like this only reinforce this.

If my memory serves, Weis is a former Notre Dame player and from a generation where the majority of players were Catholic. I suspect he is Catholic as well. I think that will be good for the team both on and off the field. One of the things that I believe made the team strong in the past was their shared faith. Weis would do well to restore that legacy.

2 Responses to “Another example of why I pull for Notre Dame”

  1. Dale Price Says:

    Great minds think alike–I blogged a different version of this great story myself.

    As I told one of my ND fan friends, Weis gets Notre Dame. I really think he is going to bring the school back to national football prominence.

    Worse luck for us Michigan fans.

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Dale, I’m glad you came to visit and I’m glad that a great mind agrees with me about Notre Dame. BTW, how’s the Episcopal/Catholic crime solving going?

    For readers who don’t know Dale, Dale is the author of the great blog Dyspeptic Mutterings (which I link to on the main page) that is best known for it’s occasional fisking of liberal Catholics. It’s a privilege to have him visit this lightly visited corner of the blogosphere.

    Come back soon Dale!