Pac-10 scenarios simplified

OK, after writing up that big post about who will win what with certain wins I realized that this was a perfect opportunity to use a spreadsheet. So last night I created a spread sheet with the 5 teams and the 4 remaining games between them. I then did all the formulas to determine the place of each team (in blue) in all of those scenarios. The one downside is that it doesn’t attempt to calculate the winner in 3 or 4 way ties or to calculate the winner in 2 way ties where there is no head to head matchup. For those it just adds a “T-” to suggest that they’re tied for the position they have.

The best part is that it has a field for losses coming into these 4 big games and it will auto-recalculate the results when that is changed (the “rose” fields). So if you’re interested in seeing what the scenarios would look like if UCLA loses a game to WaZoo or OSU, you can increase their current loses to 1 and it’ll show you the scenarios based on that.

Here’s the link. You may need to turn off or turn down the security level in Excel so that it’ll use my calculation formulas.

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