Updated metrics for Pac-10 games

Well, not my best week but not my worst. 3-2 isn’t bad and I called the Cal game just about right: A shootout! I also called USC vs. Washington about right and would have called Oregon vs. Arizona about right if their QB hadn’t broken his ankle mid way through the game. At least I still got the win. As for the other two, I was being too optimistic about OSU. I wanted to believe that they were good so that our stinkfest against them last week wouldn’t look so bad. Now with another game under OSU’s belt, it’s clear that Cal STUNK last week against them and should have won that game. Finally, Stanford is definitely doing everything in their power to make sure that UC Davis looks like an aberation. But before we get too hung up on how good Stanford is, let’s remember that it is late October and it is time for ASU’s annual slide into abscurity. As usual, their November is going to stink to high heavens and everyone is going to wonder what happened to the team that put a scare into both LSU and USC in September.

Here are the updated metrics (I only improved in TPD (although still rounded to the same)):
Winning percentage: 72% (3-2 this weekend)
Margin of Victory Delta (MVD) average: 14.8 (Adding 4, 1, 32, 34, 15)
Total Points Scored Delta (TPD) average: 16.7 (Adding 4, 13, 32, 20, 13)

Tune in on Friday for next weekend’s picks:
-WaZoo at USC
-UW at ASU
-OSU at UA
-UCLA at Stanford
(Oregon and Cal have byes)

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