The Play defines California?

OK, we all know how much of a fan I am of The Play. (See my old posts here, here, here and here if you’ve forgotten or are a new visitor).

Well yesterday was ESPN’s day in California (they’re touring the 50 states one day at a time, highlighting the sports history/trivia of each as they go). What did they show parts of not once (to open the show), not twice (as a teaser), but THREE times (during the actual bit on great plays in California)? You guessed it: The Play!

At least from ESPN’s perspective, California consists of X-Games (tomorrow on ESPN), the Peanut guy at Dodger stadium, Barry Bonds (700th homerun), Joe Montana (The Catch), USC (Matt Lienart throwing an anonymous TD) and of course The Play!

Further proof that it is truly the most exciting finish in the history of college football.

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