Bravo SF Chronicle!

There’s a phrase you won’t hear often on this blog, but their recent opinion piece regarding the out of control board of supervisors is excellent. To quote from the opinion piece (in case you’re too lazy to click on the link yourself):

“THE IRONY was obviously lost on the clueless San Francisco supervisors when they passed a resolution warning that a Christian youth gathering could “negatively influence the politics of America’s most tolerant and progressive city.”

“Spare us the doomsday hyperbole, supervisors.

“We can safely report that the politics of San Francisco suffered no discernible shift in ideological alignment from the convergence of 25,000 Christian teenagers listening to rock ‘n’ roll music and words of inspiration.


The supervisors’ reaction to the evangelical Christians was so boorishly over the top that only one word could describe it:


The reality is that the ultra-liberals of our country, and they seem to have an exclusive lock on positions on the SF board of supervisor positions, while constantly claiming their goal is tolerance are actually one of the least tolerant groups since McCarthy was in office. They don’t respect freedom of religion and are perfectly willing to prevent individuals from practicing their faith or at the minimum forcing them to violate principles of their faith (e.g. force to provide birth control coverage to employees). They don’t respect freedom of speech by those whom they disagree (e.g. abortion protestors). As this resolutions shows, the don’t respect the right of people to peacably assemble. And if completely spitting on the 1st amendment isn’t enough, they would eliminate the 2nd amendment entirely.

Bravo to the SF Chronicle for shining light on the excesses of the left.

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