College football season is officially started

Today, every I-A college in America started their fall practices.  Do you know what that mean!?!  It means, college football season is officially here.  True, there won’t be any games for another 4 weeks but when the players are practicing, the season is here.  So here is what you can expect from me:

  1. The Cal look and feel will be back by Sept. 1st.  For those used to seeing my sports sub-blog with the Cal Bears look and feel at, expect to see it back by Sept 1st.
  2. I will continue to have a post-game analysis of every Cal Bears game this season.
  3. I will continue to make weekly predictions for all Pac-10 games using the three metrics I used last season: winning percentage, Margin of Victory Delta (or accuracy) and Total Points Scored Delta (or accuracy).  I’ve found these to be good metrics to really really see how good someone can predict the games.  In fact, I’m going to expand it to be a game in which all Cal Bears fans who visit my site are able to participate.  Expect to see a post in the next few weeks with the link to where you would participate.  Think you can beat me?
  4. As the season progresses I will give the various scenarios in a spreadsheet of who has the inside track for the top spots in the final Pac-10 standings.
  5. A friend of mine and I have come up with a new computer poll that’ll be just as good at predicting the BCS teams as anything out there.  The best part is that it is EXTREMELY simple.  Expect to see a post about it before the season starts.

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