Dating service users: have hope

I thought this was an interesting story.  Turns out that the Pope’s parents met through a personal ad in the paper.  It’s funny to hear the ad from today’s perspective:

Middle-ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43, immaculate past, from the country, is looking for a good Catholic, pure girl who can cook well, tackle all household chores, with a talent for sewing and homemaking with a view to marriage as soon as possible. Fortune desirable but not a precondition.

Anybody think a woman today would answer that ad?  More likely the man would be beat by an angry mob of women.

But to all those who use a dating service, have hope: you just might find that perfect someone who will join with you to have a future Pope!

One Response to “Dating service users: have hope”

  1. Brian Conaghan Says:

    I love it. I hadn’t seen this. Thanks for posting it.