I love getting good insight

Whenever I watch a football game there are always a few plays that make me wonder, “What happened there?”  It then bugs me to no end how infrequently reporters ask about those plays.  They’ll spend an hour peppering them about how the feel and then not talk about the details of the game.

Well this time I got my answer.  In the 3rd quarter of the ASU game, there was clearly a miscommunication between Longshore and his snapper, Mack.  Clearly Longshore was not expecting the ball when it was snapped to him in the shotgun.  According to Contra Costa Times reporter Jay Heater, Longshore made a miscalculation.  I’ll let him tell it:

Quarterback Nate Longshore and center Alex Mack were joking about the shotgun snap that hit Longshore in the chest. It turns out that Longshore decides what count to go on. He tried to surprise ASU by going on first sound. What he didn’t consider was that if somebody was not lined up right, he would have to deal with it. He tried to move one of the players, Mack heard the first sound and BOOM.

Now THAT is funny.

3 Responses to “I love getting good insight”

  1. seth Says:

    hey have u been following how the city is going to attempt to block stadium renovation?

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen a bit on it. I’m not particularly worried. The city has no zoning authority over State of California land (which is what the University is). Which is why the city gets so upset. They hate it when the impotent stomping of their tiny feet has no effect.

  3. seth Says:

    thank you! i feel the same way!