Pac-10 Picks

It’s that time of the week again, time to predict which Pac-10 teams are made of men and which are made of girrrly-men.

OSU 10, USC 28: OSU has been the team in the Pac-10 that occasionally comes up from the depths to steal a win from one of the better teams.  This year that game was against Washington.  The problem with this trend is that many over-rate the importance of the upset and think the victim is far weaker than they are and OSU is stronger than they are.  Nope, it’s just an unlikely upset.  However, USC should be thankful because now that OSU has used up their upset mojo, this game will be a safe win.  USC’s fairly strong defense will shut down the mediocre OSU offense.

ASU 17, Washington 20:  This is the game of the week that everyone should be watching on… what channel is that going to be on?  Oh yeah, on FSN but only in Seattle and Arizona.  Nice.  In any case, if this game was in Arizona I might have a different prediction but ASU is known to play poorly under pressure.  Washington seems to have lost little with Stanback on the sideline so I expect them to win this one.

WSU 24, UCLA 10: UCLA is so weak this year.  They’re not going to be ready for the WSU defense, a defense that is good enough for me to drop the WaZoo from WSU’s name.  WSU proved last week that they’re going to be able to win the tough games by generating some offense.

Oregon 42, PSU 10: Oregon needs to get back on track with their season defining game against Washington coming up next week.  PSU provides them the perfect opportunity to work on their timing and get back in sync after being man-handled by WSU.

OK, with 3 Pac-10 teams on a bye (Cal, Arizona and Stanford) it’s a slow Pac-10 week.  Expect an article from me about what to watch for in the UCLA game with them coming to Berkeley next week on later today.  Of course check back on Sunday for updated metrics.

One Response to “Pac-10 Picks”

  1. Michael Says:

    The Beav’s just put U$C in their place.

    Not good for Cal, though. Now we MUST beat U$C as well to go to the Rose. Our destiny is in our hands.

    Still, it was such a good feeling to see them lose. All their 5 star recruits, all their swagger, and Oregon State took ‘em down.

    Hopefully UCLA won’t get similar ideas next weekend.