Tom McClintock for Lieutenant Governor

Does everyone remember that very principled, financially conservative, socially conservative Republican who ran for Governor during the recall election?  Yes, this is THAT Tom McClintock.

McClintock is one of the most principled politicians I have ever seen.  He leaves himself open to criticisms because he refuses to bend his principles when voting or speaking so as to avoid politically sticky situations.  Even the stanch Democrats I know have a great deal of respect for McClintock’s integrity.  They’d never vote for him… mostly because they know he’d follow through on his promises.

And just what are his promises/goals?  Everything I want in a candidate:

  • Wants to balance the budget without bonds or raising taxes
  • Wants to bring an end to illegal immigration
  • Wants to bring legislative reform like redistricting
  • Wants to protect protect life at all stages
  • Wants to encourage businesses to come to California without compromising on important worker protections.

He’s my kind of candidate.  Vote for McClintock!

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