Updated Pac-10 metrics

Well, I was in such a groove when I last updated these metrics 3 weeks ago.  All of my metrics were going in the right direction and I was predicting almost every game’s outcome correctly.

What a fall from grace it has been.  Last week I didn’t call a SINGLE game correctly and I’m 4-9 in the last three weeks.  Basically, I had too much faith in Washington’s ability to win (who would have thought that Stanford’s first win would have been against UW…), just couldn’t bring myself to think that OSU was actually a good team and when I finally did, they let me down and frankly just can’t figure out ASU.  Sometimes they look like they’re gunning for Stanford, other times they look like they can compete with USC.

In any case, here are the updated metrics:

  • MVD: 15.6 (up from 13.9 a few weeks ago with a number of beyond 30 scores)
  • TPD: 12.7 (down from 12.9.  The only improved metric.)
  • Winning percentage: 73.0% (down from 83.7 after going 4-9 in the last 3 weeks)

Just horrible.  Two of my metrics are now below their target (14 for MVD and 75% for wins).  I’ll be back on my game this week.

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