Correction: The Big Game could matter

Well, it turns out that similarly to the Sun Bowl, the Holiday Bowl gets to chose it’s team if there was a tie for 2nd place.  It can ignore tie-breakers.  So, if Cal loses to Stanford and OSU beats Oregon, they’ll be tied at 6-3 in the Pac-10 and the Holiday Bowl could conceivably take OSU over Cal.

I don’t think it’ll happen but you have to admit that as far as a fan base, OSU would be a lot more happy to travel to San Diego for the first time in a while than Cal’s fans will be to got for the 2nd time in 3 years.  From a TV/publicity perspective the Holiday bowl would be a fool not to take Cal.

That said, OSU and Oregon play this Friday at 12:30 PM on FSN (including the Bay Area affiliate).  We should be rooting for Oregon so that there’s no chance of a Sun Bowl trip.

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