Why Christmas could be on July 23rd

I’m sure most who read the general side of my blog (hi Mom!) instead of the dedicated Cal Bears portion know of the common knowledge that Christmas is December 25th is because Christians co-opted a Pagan holiday and instead celebrated Christ’s birth on that day.

Well, here’s an interesting blog entry from an author who researched the topic that says not so fast.  (Make sure to read the entire post because the end part is critical to keeping the info in the right frame of mind.)

I think what I take away from this is how much “common knowledge” can be dangerously inaccurate.  I’ve read tons of other examples as well.

In almost all cases the truth of the matter is far more complicated than anything “common knowledge” could possible transmit.  As such, whenever “common knowledge” is used to debunk or win debates, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Generally what it means is that there are entire aspects of the situation are being glossed over and furthermore, that often the discussion is focusing on something likely irrelevant to what should really be important.

In this case that relevant point is the joy of Christ’s coming into the world.  I really don’t care if the actual day was what we today call Dec. 25th, Feb. 14, July 4, Sept. 22, Oct. 31, or whatever.  I similarly don’t care if the day we celebrate it is because of pagan holidays, jewish guesswork, Muslim calendar manipulation, bad mid-evil calendars, or Monks without enough fingers to properly count the days of the week.  All that I care about is that the Universal Church has set aside some day, any day, for us to reflect on and celebrate Christ’s birth.

3 Responses to “Why Christmas could be on July 23rd”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    I think it’s cute you think Mom reads your blog…

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Oh yeah!?! Well you look like a bucket of sh…tuff

    Alright bozo, I know Mom actually doesn’t read the blog. It was a literary device to suggest that my readership was so small it was only made up of people who “had” to read it.

    “Hi Brian!” didn’t work because not everyone knows your name and “Hi brother!” felt odd as well as having the problem of being confused with a number of other “brother” references besides biological brother.

    “Hi Wendy!”/”Hi wife!” has similar problems with the additional complication that she doesn’t read the blog.

    “Hi Dad!” could have worked, but he similarly doesn’t read the blog to my knowlege so it didn’t get me anywhere to use him while it lost some of the “innocent” qualities of “hi Mom!”

    I hope that was a sufficient amount of mental energy put into two words of my post for your discriminating taste.

  3. rusty Says:

    july 23rd was Haile Selassie I’s birth day. many people believe that he was the real jesus, hence july 23rd being the day they would celebrate as christmas day… look into it if you are curious… same bible, same God, different name.