My annual Beer

Not that this is a surprise to most, but I’m an odd guy to figure out.  A lot of people think I have a strong aversion to alcohol because I almost never drink it.  But that is definitely not the case.  Really there are three reasons I don’t drink much:

  1. I don’t like to drink when my wife can’t (and between pregnancies and breast feeding she hasn’t been able to drink for more than half of our marriage).
  2. I’m a busy guy with lots to do (and I don’t drink outside of social situations)
  3. (and this is the kicker) I’m quite the picky drinker.

See, I’m not interested in a Budwieser or other generic beers (the same applies to wines).  I generally want something really good.  So in most social situations I’m not interested in the alcohol being served.  The result is that if I drink a full six-pack of beer in a year its been a “heavy drinking” year.

As such, there is a growing tradition that on New Years day for me to drink “my annual beer”.  I actively go out ahead of time and find the beer that I want and buy a six-pack.  I’m a big fan of Porters and Stouts (and the occasional quality ale) to the point that last year’s selection, Guiness Draught, was a big disappointment because it is a wimpy watered down beer.

This year I chose Black Butte Porter.

Let me tell you, this is a great Porter.  For starters, it smells great.  I knew as soon as I opened the bottle (with my Cal fight song playing bottle opener) that I was going to enjoy it.  It’s smooth for a Porter with a great after-taste yet not lacking anything in flavor.

If you like either Porters or Stouts, you should give it a try.  Or the next time you come over, you could ask for one of the one’s I bought.  Usually the six-pack of the previous new-years is still has a couple left when the next new year comes around.

2 Responses to “My annual Beer”

  1. Jason Says:

    Thanks, Ken. Good tip. I’ve been enjoying Sierra Nevada Porter lately. Best bottled Porter I’ve tried. But I’ll try Black Butte.

    Good to hear there’s another dark beer guy out there. :-)

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Yeah, Sierra Nevada Porter is awesome too. In fact, it’s the Porter that turned me on to Porters. I went to school at Chico State, home of Sierra Nevada (the founders were students there… I don’t think they graduated). So I consider myself “raised” on Sierra Nevada beers. In my highly biased opinion there is no brewery with a more consistently good line of beers. Of course the Pale Ale is their trademark beer, but the Porter is awesome, the Stout is bold and frothy, and their various specialty beers like their wheat beer are all solid as well.