Big-10 meltdown

Well I can’t say I was surprised that Florida stuck it to Ohio State, although holding OSU under 100 yards of offense and 7 points (not counting the kickoff) was beyond what I expected.

Of course what this shows in the end is that the Big-10 is indeed as weak as I suspected.  Both Ohio St. and Michigan got destroyed.  While #3 Wisconson and #4 Penn St. managed to win their games, both the overall record of the conference 2-5 and their top teams showed just how weak the conference is.

At the same time, the SEC, although their #3 and #5 teams lost close cames to the Big-10, the top 2 teams dominated in their BCS bowl games and the overall record was an impressive 6-3 against a pretty tough set of opponents overall.  It definitel cements their position as the top BCS conference.

A final look at the Pac-10, despite being done for a week now, is that we’re quite competitive.  I know this is “college football math” but USC’s smack-down of Michigan was equivalent to Florida’s smack-down of Ohio St., two teams that are very evenly matched, suggesting that USC would have matched up well against Florida.

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