Post draft signings

Many people forget that a fairly large percentage of NFL players were undrafted.  After draft day, all the NFL teams go out and sign contracts with the guys that they like that didn’t get drafted.  In Cal’s case, 6 players signed free-agent contracts after draft day:

  • Tim Mixon went to Seattle
  • Nu’u Tafisi also went to Seattle
  • Erik Robertson went to San Diego
  • Marcus O’Keith went to Kansas City
  • Byron Storer went to Tampa Bay (no word on whether Storer Buses will get the Tampa bus contract)
  • Mickey Pimentel went to Carolina

To me, the most interesting pick-up was Marcus O’Keith.  This guy hardly got any caries stuck behind Marshawn and Forsett, so you’d think it would be hard for a pro team to justify his salary.  That said, I’m glad to see that someone besides me thought highly of him.  Every time he was in the game he impressed me with his determination despite being a backup.  You know he’s a team player as well because he never complained about being 3rd on the depth chart.  He’s probably the best college RB that spent his entire career 3rd on the depth chart.

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