3rd baby is baking

Well, now that all the important parties know, I can make a blog announcement:

God has blessed my wife and I with another baby growing (as I like to call it “baking”) inside my wife.  We are of course praying that it is a healthy pregnancy, one that will result in a healthy baby born later this year.  The current due date is December 8th, but we’ll get refinement on that in a few months when we do an ultra sound.  While it doesn’t really matter, I’m praying for a December 12th birth, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Of course there is nothing wrong with a birthday of the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th either, nor any day in between for that matter.

Thanks be to God!


3 Responses to “3rd baby is baking”

  1. Wynette Sills Says:

    Congratulations Ken on the gift of LIFE! We just moved Katelyn into the UC Berkeley dorms for the next 8 weeks of summer school, taking a few classes to see if she would like to go there for four years, so we may be following your blog to track the Cal sports scene. Also, I wanted to invite you to the Sidewalk Counseling and Prayer Ministry Workshop we are having this Saturday, June 30th, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at the Arcade public library at 2443 Marconi Ave. Details can be found at the Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home website http://www.bgmh.org/sidewalkcounseling.htm I think you will find it to be a very inspiring two hours! A woman who changed her mind at the sidewalk will share her story and her little boy saved from abortion, along with a speaker from the Sacramento Life Center, and several others. Email me if you have any questions.

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Hi Wynette! Glad to see you’re still visiting on occasion. Yes, my wife and I are very grateful for God’s gift of life and humbled that He entrusts us with the responsibility of raising him/her to love Him.

    I keep meaning to blog more on Catholic topics but I’ve found that so many of other bloggers do such a good job as to leave me little to talk about. I still read 6 blogs a day to keep up on what is current. The current crop of Republican presidential candidates are very disappointing from a pro-life perspective. Hopefully one will come forward for us to support.

    I wish I had more time to discuss issues local to the Sacramento Diocese, because it would be nice to have a local blog that focused on local issues. I know I’d like to read one. Sadly, I don’t have the time to be informed enough to cover it appropriately.

    Hopefully Katelyn will like Cal. Cal is great because there is something for everyone. Cal is not so great because there are temptations for everyone. But there is a good Newmann Center parrish close to the dorms and a number of Christian organizations operating on campus. The diocese of Oakland, which I’m pretty sure encompasses Berkeley, has a solid bishop. For a young lady who is well grounded in her faith, the positives out-weigh the negatives. If for some reason Cal doesn’t work out, I’ve always thought that campuses with a Newmann Center on or close to campus are a good starting place to look. Chico State, another school with something for everyone, both positive and negative, has a good Newmann Center.

    To my few Catholic readers, I definitely second Wynette’s recommendation to attend the workshop this Saturday. Bishop Gallego’s Maternity Home is one of those great examples of how the Catholic Church is solidly pro-life in that it not only fights to prevent abortions, but provides homes for pregnant women who need a home.

  3. Bliss Says:

    I can’t subtract without a calculator! I had to ask one of the kids! LOL. Congratulations on the baby. Dec 16th is a nice date to be born if you are choosing one for a special delivery. It’s Beethoven’s birthdate not to mention all these saints:
    St. Adelaide of Burgundy (French, princess, wife of a king and an emperor, d. 999)
    St. Ado of Vienne (French, Benedictine, archbishop, d. 875)
    St. Albina of Caesarea (Palestinian, virgin, martyred c. 250)
    St. Bean (Scottish, bishop, d. 1012)
    St. Eusebius of Vercelli (Sardinian [Italian], bishop, fought Arianism, d. 371)
    St. Irenion of Gaza (Palestinian, bishop, d. 389)
    St. Judicael (French, Breton king, abdicated to become a monk, d. 658)
    Bl. Mary of the Angels Fontanella (Italian, Carmelite prioress, visionary, d. 1717)
    Bl. Sebastian Maggi (Italian, Dominican superior, d. 1496 [incorruptible])
    Sts. Valentine, Concordius, Navalis, and Agricola (Italian, martyr c. 305)