For anyone who’s tried to come to this blog (hi Mom!) in the last year or so they’ve seen that it hasn’t come up and has been displaying some cryptic error. I tried a number of times to fix it because I wanted to bring the blog back and be more active about posting on it. Last night I took the brute force strategy. I completely deleted the old one and installed the latest version. Then I attached the new version to the old database and…


So, what to expect from this blog moving forward… The main reason for bringing the blog back online is that I’m going to read Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion” so that I can rebut it. I’ve heard from too many anti-religious circles how devastating it is to the idea that religion is a good thing and I’m curious to find out what his argument is. I’ll speak to what I expect it to be in a separate post.

I’ll also go back to posting on the political and religious news of the day when it’s worth reporting on. It won’t be as comprehensive as in the past, more just when I feel the need to rant. Finally, there will be more family stuff posted. Things we did, blessings received, pictures, etc.

Hopefully, you’ll be interested in visiting.

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