QH’s – Easter and Scandal

Today’s Quick Hitters:

  • A blessed Easter to everyone! I had a great end to Holy Week and a wonderful Easter that lifted my spirits. I hope everyone else was similarly blessed.
  • I was pointed to an article by Peggy Noonan about the priestly abuse scandal. In many ways she’s right, but I think her ennobling of the press is a stretch, particularly this “round”. There’s nothing new here in 2010. What happened in 2002, that I could agree with the value of the press’s role. But guess what, there’s nothing new here. There’s just a renewed attempt to tear down the Pope (and a very stretched attempt at that) based on the same old stuff. The reality is the Church has already changed and will continue to change in this regard whether or not the 2010 influx of reporting had happened. Now it’s just an attempt to tear down the Church.
  • I must say that up until today I’ve been able to keep a healthy distance from all the articles about the scandal because I knew what was going on. But today, the shear magnitude of it, the unrelenting links to hit piece after hit piece got to me. And what is most frustrating about it is that, unlike Ms. Noonan’s assertion that they already are, the press COULD be a force for the right changes. There’s no doubt the Church has needed change and continues to need some. And with an enlightened approach the press could be catalysts for the right changes. The could encourage the Pope to continue making the changes he is already in the process of or encourage tweaks or improvements that would make the Church even stronger. Instead, the Pope and the Church as a whole have to struggle to make those right changes DESPITE the press. Such a shame.

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