My REAL prediction for this weekend

One of the things that has frustrated me most about the Cal season to date is that every week has brought the “first REAL test”. I remember after the Sac. St. game hearing how we’ll fair so much worse against UW and that’ll be the “first REAL test”. After we demolished them, I heard all week about how weak UW was and that the upcoming week’s game against a rebuilding and getting better Illinois could be too much for Cal to handle. This will be Cal’s “first REAL test” they said. After that debacle was over, people pointed to New Mexico St. and that despite being 0-3, they were a pretty good team that would force Cal to struggle and that we’d likely give up more points than we should. While it wouldn’t be the overall “first REAL test” it would be the “first REAL test” for the defense. 60 minutes and two field goals later, all I heard about how Cal was FINALLY going to get their “first REAL test” against their first Pac-10 opponent (I’m not sure what they’re considering UW at this point). One shutout later, we bring ourselves to this week and everyone is talking about UCLA being the “first REAL test” for the Bears.

So here’s my prediction: Cal will win this game handily and the consensus will be that UCLA was over-rated and that they shouldn’t have got so much credit for beating Oklahoma, who were over-rated themselves. This will inevitably lead to the observers looking forward to Cal’s “first REAL test”, since obviously UCLA wasn’t it, further down in the season.

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