Vacation graphic and metrics!

Below is a graphic with the GPS routing of all of the driving I did over the course of the vacation. Here are some metrics:

-Total hours driving: 44
-Miles driven: 2680
-Average speed: 61 miles an hour (officer, I was NEVER over 65…)
-Longest individual trip: 610 miles from uncle Rick’s ranch home
-Shortest individual trip: 70 miles to and from Wendy’s Parent’s house from home
-Earliest trip start: 7:00 AM when leaving uncle Rick’s ranch for home
-Latest trip start: 6:00 PM when leaving for Vegas Bowl
-Earliest trip end: 10:00 AM arrival at Wendy’s Parent’s house on Christmas day
-Latest trip end: 3:15 AM arrival in Vegas for Vegas Bowl
-Highest elevation: 6070 ft. when entering Yosemite
-Lowest elevation: 20 ft. at Tim’s Wedding in Oxnard
-Northern most point: Latitude 39.522 N at Wendy’s Parent’s house
-Southern most point: Latitude 34.228 N at Tim’s Wedding
-Western most point: Longitude 121.613 W on drive to Wendy’s Parent’s house in Gridly
-Eastern most point: Longitude 113.833 W at uncle Rick’s ranch

Here’s the picture (click on picture to see full size image):

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