Sometimes sports give us the clearest view of our human nature

I’m a pretty big sports fan.  I have football season tickets for the Cal Bears.  I try to make it to more than a handful of Oakland A’s games a year.  I sail much more than I can afford and which I could make myself even broke-er.

One of the things I love about sports the the purity of it.  At one end, the rules are simple and the winner is clear.  But at the other, we get to see our human nature played out in a very visual form.  Today I got another example of that while doing my morning blog reading at The Seventh Inning Stretch.  Here’s the quote:

“Today was no different, it was raining hard before one of the Easter masses I had to sing in. I joked and said that the rain was God’s punishment for those in line for Huston Street bobbleheads. Instead of celebrating Christ’s ressurection they were committing the sin of idolatry by waiting in line for a bobblehead. Of course, if I wasn’t obligated to be at church I’d be in line with all of those idolators commiting idolatry.”

And that’s our human nature in a nutshell.  We strive to be good and with the right re-enforcement, we are.  But that nagging desire calling us to sin is a powerful one, one that we have to admit we are powerless to overcome by ourselves.  But God has not abandoned us and is always available to strengthen us.  He gives us the strength to overcome our sinful desires.  All we must do is ask.

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