FSN coverage blows

Not only is the Pac-10 ensuring that a number of Pac-10 games aren’t on TV with their contract with FSN but they’re also allowing FSN to continue its crappy coverage.  After going to the game I reviewed the TV coverage later last night and noticed so many bad calls I wondered how those announcer keep their job.  Here are 3 notable examples:

  • There was a fumble in the 1st quarter by Washington that allowed Washinton to advance the ball for a first down.  Even though the ref mentioned it over the intercom, there was no mention of it on the TV coverage.
  • The 50 yard field goal attempt that Schneider missed was plently long but wide-right.  They called it short.  It had more than enough distance.
  • On Washington’s final TD drive they said that Hampton managed to tip a ball when in fact it was just a dropped ball.

It’s not that I expect them to get the call right the first time (although I do expect them to be fairly good) but they need to be watching their monitors and correcting themselves when they make a mistake.  But they don’t, they just go with their bad calls as if nothing was wrong. What a joke.

4 Responses to “FSN coverage blows”

  1. Josh Says:

    I shutter to think of what FOX with do with their BCS coverage. One only needs to look how they’ve destroyed post-season baseball to see the future of college bowl coverage.

  2. Jason Says:

    FSN is the minor leagues when it comes to broadcasting. It’s worse than Fox (network), which will broadcast the BCS. It’s more like the bad old days of Raycom…. (“Hi, I’m Ray, and I have a TV network. Raycom!”)

  3. Ken Crawford Says:

    Got to agree with Jason. Outside of their ridiculously over the top pre-game shows Fox does a pretty good job with football. Although FSN is owned by the same parent company they are definitely the crazy uncle that nobody acknowleges at the dinner table.

  4. Josh Says:

    Dancing robots. Need I say more.