Syd’Quan regresses

I’ve been very impressed with Syd’Quan Thompson’s dramatic improvement over the season.  I think he’s going to be a great cornerback for Cal, the Washington game was a step back for him.  I saw a number of plays where his blown coverage kept drives alive:

  • In the first quarter the ghosts of Tennessee were on the field when he over-persued a ball and missed the tackle turning what should have been a 4th and 5 into a first down.  All he had to do was make the tackle and Cal would have got the ball back.
  • His blown coverage resulted in that late 2nd quarter TD.
  • In the 4th quarter on another 3rd down he released his receiver to the safety to cover the flat when there was no one in the flat and the safety wasn’t in position yet.  Another first down.
  • In OT, the near TD pass that was stopped at the 7 got as many yards as it did because Syd wasn’t watching the play and was blindly following his reciever on a clearing route.

In fairness to Thompson, he did use his speed for the 2nd week in a row to prevent a big run play from turning into a TD, so it’s clear that he’s an asset to the team.  I was just disappointed that he had one of his worst coverage week since the Tennessee debacle.

I’m sure he’ll get back on track after the bye week.

One Response to “Syd’Quan regresses”

  1. Josh Says:

    In fairness to Thompson, it looked like he was expecting safety help on that 2nd quarter touchdown. I’m not sure if it was his fault or the safety’s. If it was his fault, it was a mental error.