Don’t they have a class at ref school about this

Why is it that refs have such a hard time with which side of the coin is heads and which is tails?

At the game I was very confused by the overtime coin toss.  The Washinton player called heads, the result was a tails (or so the ref said) but it was Washington who got the coveted choice from the coin toss.  What gives?

Well it appears from now reviewing the television coverage that the ref had to spend 15 seconds figuring out that the side of the coin that was up was indeed the heads.  Of course us fans had already cheered for the tails and moved our focus elsewhere.

I just don’t get how a person can say: “OK, this is heads (shows head side of coin to players).  This is tails (shows other side of coin to players).  What do you call?” then flips the coin in the air after the call and three seconds later can’t figure out if the coin in his hand is showing heads or tails?

I mean, OK, I know that they’re often using special coins that aren’t like a quarter or the change we are used to but THEY JUST LOOKED AT IT and verified which side is heads and tails.  I think they need to add a class at ref school for this.

2 Responses to “Don’t they have a class at ref school about this”

  1. Jason Says:

    I believe they also tossed it up and caught it, rather than letting it hit the ground. What was that about?

    Also, earlier in the game (I’ve got a photo of it) they spent several minutes being very confused about where to spot the ball after a Washington penalty near the goal line.

    The Pac-10’s officials and TV deals are, to be honest, bush league.

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Yeah, I noticed the coin catch as well and thought it was odd.

    Now let’s see, the ball was on the 9 yard line and it’s a 5 yard penalty… where does the ball go? Anybody got a calculator?